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Welcome to the coolest capital city in Europe.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Even though this beautiful city is by most standards, ancient, Lisbon today is a breath of fresh air in more ways than one.

A new breath of life has been infused into the capital of Portugal, a country as beautiful as its capital, due to the renewed perception it has gained especially after Web Summit moved to Lisbon.

Entrepreneurs, Lifestyle Designers, Digital Nomads, Investors and the likes have their eyes, and some even their feet, on Lisbon.

So the city has also been reinvigorated by the presence and influence of creative people from around the world, and there’s way more to come.

But there’s something else…

The Portuguese coastline is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. As such, the sea breeze constantly blows on the City.

Wherever you are in Lisbon, you are at most a few minutes away from a good beach.

And did I tell you about the weather?

You can expect quite a few sunny days even during Winter time.

The Business Perspective

Lisbon offers a few key advantages.

To begin it’s a good place to find talent, from creatives to engineers. The Portuguese are varied and come in many flavors, and there are people willing to relocate here anyway, even if you don’t find what you are looking for in this multicultural metropolis.

Don’t forget, in the 21st-century talent is mobile, willing to travel, looking for mobility and a good time. Think of all the Digital Nomads finding excuses to come to Lisbon, it’s not hard to find them really.

Good Quality of Life

Amazing Weather

Welcoming and Friendly People

Most People are Fluent in English

Beautiful Beaches

And did I tell you that you can register a business in less than 1 hour?

In Portugal, you can literally walk into a business public services office and walk out with your new legally registered business.

The Lifestyle

The Portuguese way of life is charming and relaxing.

It’s not what you would expect from your average European capital.

It’s dictated by the sea, by great food, good wine, nature, and a generally sunny weather.

The waves of the Atlantic Ocean beg to be surfed. The amazing cuisine demands to be savored, and the wine cries to be tasted. Nature immerses you and the Sun forces you to wake up to a beautiful new day of work or fun, or maybe both.

Come explore this fantastic new environment.

We are waiting for you

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