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ImpactHub is a global network of creative, innovative, entrepreneurial and impact making individuals that are committed to positively changing the World.

But I couldn’t define it better than they do themselves.

What is Impact Hub?

I couldn’t define it better myself:

An innovation lab. A business Incubator. A social enterprise community center. Impact Hub offers you a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities to grow the positive impact of your work. Joining our diverse community of members and collaborators will inspire, connect, and enable you to develop your best work every step of the way.

from: Impact Hub

Impact Hub is a way to channel the entrepreneurial spirit towards causes that can cause an impact.

It’s all about Impact and Sustainability.

I hope I get the chance to interview some or the organizers soon.

Where is the new Impact Hub Lisbon Space?

Away from the heart of Lisbon, but not too far.

To be more precise, in Museu da Carris.


I am personally delighted that entrepreneurial projects are starting to nest away from the heart of Lisbon, but not too far of course.

The Celebration

The celebration went quite well as it was fueled by:

  • Positive entrepreneurial and innovative crowd
  • Awesome Space
  • Good Food and Beverage

Don’t forget to check out the video of course.

If you are an entrepreneur and you are social impact conscious consider paying them a visit and discovering more.

And don’t forget to join to be invited for these kinds of events and meetings in the future.

Goodbye and see you in Lisbon.

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