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So, Pedro Andrade cracked the code of how to hack Web Summit.

As such, I asked if he could share some tips on how to hack it this year, in 2017 as well.

He is the author of a very interesting article titled “How to Hack Web Summit”.

Pedro, 20 years old, is the CMO of Craft Wallet, an innovative wallet alternative.

My Personal Opinion About Web Summit and Why I Think Pedro’s Perspective is Important

I shared previously in another article how I landed on Web Summit.

How I Got a Free Web Summit Ticket from a Complete Stranger

Long story short, I was not planning on going to Web Summit, but then I got a free ticket, so I took the opportunity to go.

But the event is really a lot of noise. If you don’t know what to do you will just be lost in the immense jungle that Web Summit is.

As such, I have to agree with Pedro that planning is the way to go.

You should plan your Web Summit attendance.

Especially now that Web Summit is even bigger, and as you can easily predict, it will tend to be even noisier and confusing as the venue expects to hold at least 70,000 people in Lisbon.

Don’t forget to watch/listen to the interview for more on Craft Wallet and hustling your way through Web Summit.

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