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Month: February 2017

Hacking Web Summit 2017 with Pedro Andrade from Craft Wallet

So, Pedro Andrade cracked the code of how to hack Web Summit. As such, I asked if he could share some tips on how to hack it this year, in 2017 as well. He is the author of a very interesting article titled “How to Hack Web Summit”. Pedro, 20 years old, is the CMO of Craft Wallet, an innovative wallet alternative. My Personal Opinion About Web Summit and Why I Think Pedro’s Perspective is Important I shared previously in another article how I landed on Web Summit. How I Got a Free Web Summit Ticket from a Complete Stranger...

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Tom is a French Digital Nomad who just happens to be in Lisbon. Because that’s what Digital Nomads do, they travel to random places around the world just because they can. Well, not really, actually Tom is in Lisbon because it’s a fantastic city with great weather, and also because he has enrolled in Le Wagon’s Web Development Bootcamp here in Lisbon. Wifi Cat Landing Page: Don’t forget to watch the video...

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Web Summit 2017 Will be Even Better says Paddy Cosgrave – Lisbon is So Much Better

Yesterday, Paddy Cosgrave made a surprise visit to Beta-I during the “Startup Accelerators: How startups and corporates are driving the future” presentation. His appearance and subsequent presentation was obviously scheduled for the end of the presentation, but the audience was not expecting it. What did Paddy Cosgrave have to say about We Summit 2016? That it was incredible. Especially in comparison with the previous iterations of the event in Dublin. “The city(Lisbon) just works so much better.” Paddy Cosgrave But still, there were thousands of things that Web Summit had to learn from doing the event for the first time in Lisbon, and wants to improve for the 2017 edition. After all, it was the biggest Web Summit ever. Some of the lessons learned from organizing Web Summit 2016 in Lisbon: Queues can get long due to security. The event needs more toilets. Extra Food Stalls are also a requirement Basically, the venue was not prepared for the huge crowds that attended Web Summit in 2016. I personally experienced long queues to access the venue itself, bathrooms and other areas, it’s great to see Paddy Cosgrave recognizing those issues and taking it into account. What can we expect for Web Summit 2017? 80,000 70,000 people? Previously, 80,000 people were expected for the next Web Summit. The problem is that apparently, Paddy has made a judgment call to limit the event to 70,000...

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Impact Hub Lisbon Has a New Space

ImpactHub is a global network of creative, innovative, entrepreneurial and impact making individuals that are committed to positively changing the World. But I couldn’t define it better than they do themselves. What is Impact Hub? I couldn’t define it better myself: An innovation lab. A business Incubator. A social enterprise community center. Impact Hub offers you a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities to grow the positive impact of your work. Joining our diverse community of members and collaborators will inspire, connect, and enable you to develop your best work every step of the way. from: Impact Hub...

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