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Month: January 2017

On my Way to Beta-I on a Friday

Here’s what happens when you decide to visit Beta-I on a Friday. This long-standing ritual is known as “Thank God it’s Friday” and took place in this Startup Sanctuary and co-working space known as Beta-I. In this video, I provide a glimpse of what happens when you decide to venture through Lisbon a little bit. I happened to stumble across a few curious places. Like Village Underground Lisboa, which is a coworking space, where people actually work inside cargo containers, in a pure expression of resourceful industrial design. I promise I will invite you next time. But wait, to do so...

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Welcome to Lisbon

Welcome to the coolest capital city in Europe. A Breath of Fresh Air Even though this beautiful city is by most standards, ancient, Lisbon today is a breath of fresh air in more ways than one. A new breath of life has been infused into the capital of Portugal, a country as beautiful as its capital, due to the renewed perception it has gained especially after Web Summit moved to Lisbon. Entrepreneurs, Lifestyle Designers, Digital Nomads, Investors and the likes have their eyes, and some even their feet, on Lisbon. So the city has also been reinvigorated by the presence...

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